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I Have a Small Penis and I'm Proud of It

Ant Smith, the 50-year-old author of "The Small Penis Bible," is on a mission to help men embrace their bodies, regardless of size. Smith shares his journey and practical advice to dismantle societal misconceptions and remove the stigma surrounding smaller penises.

The Author's Personal Journey

Ant Smith’s journey towards self-acceptance was anything but straightforward. Growing up, the anxiety about the size of his penis was a constant companion. “Having to change for PE at school was something I was always very shy about,” he recalled in a recent interview. The experience was so distressing that he would change into his shorts before taking off his coat, a habit that only drew more unwanted attention.

In his 20s, the situation worsened. The fear of intimacy and the potential for rejection kept him from forming meaningful relationships. “I found it very, very difficult to talk to girls. I had no real drive to put myself into a vulnerable situation by getting naked and intimate with someone,” he confessed. The size of his penis cast a long shadow over his confidence and self-worth, making it hard for him to believe that he could ever be loved or desired.

The turning point came much later, a full 12 years after meeting his wife. Despite being in a loving relationship, Smith struggled to accept compliments about his body. “If she said something couples might, like, ‘I love your dick’, I still had this inner voice saying ‘that can’t be true’,” he admitted. This internal conflict created a rift in their relationship, leading him to question how his wife could genuinely love him.

It was only when Smith opened up to his wife and a select group of close friends about his crippling anxiety that he began to see a path forward. Their support and understanding were crucial. “They’ve been really, really supportive – as the decent people in your life tend to be if you talk to them about your vulnerabilities,” he said. Through these conversations, Smith discovered that many of his friends harbored similar insecurities, proving that he was far from alone in his struggles.

The Message Behind "The Small Penis Bible"

"The Small Penis Bible" aims to shed light on the often-ignored struggles of men with smaller penises. Ant Smith emphasizes that anxiety grows in the dark, explaining that keeping insecurities hidden only exacerbates feelings of isolation and inadequacy. By sharing his experiences, he hopes to help others realize they are not alone and to foster a more open dialogue about body image issues.

Much of the anxiety surrounding penis size is rooted in societal misconceptions and skewed expectations. Many men lie or exaggerate about their size, further distorting the perceived norm. The book seeks to dismantle these myths and encourage men to embrace their bodies as they are.

Smith's key message is one of acceptance and self-love. He wants men to understand that their worth is not determined by their penis size and that they can lead fulfilling and satisfying lives regardless of it. His journey to self-acceptance, as detailed in his book, serves as a powerful testament to the importance of confronting and overcoming personal insecurities.

Public Perception and Media Influence

One of the most striking points Ant Smith makes is how much public perception and media shape our understanding of what is "normal." In his interview on This Morning, Smith highlighted how the portrayal of male figures in historical art can skew modern perceptions. For instance, many classical statues, including the famous David, do not depict men with large penises. Despite this, modern society often assumes that larger is better, a belief perpetuated by contemporary media and porn.

Smith recounts how his wife, during a trip to Rome, observed the relatively modest size of the statues’ genitals compared to modern expectations. This discrepancy underscores how skewed contemporary views have become due to media influence. The average erect penis size is around 5.16 inches, yet the myth that average is between 6 to 7 inches persists, fueled by the constant exposure to exaggerated representations in pornography and advertisements.

This obsession with size is not just a trivial matter; it significantly impacts men's self-esteem and mental health. The pervasive idea that bigger is better creates unrealistic standards that most men simply cannot meet.

Rethinking the Term "Micropenis"

The medicalization of certain penis sizes often leads to unnecessary stigma and psychological distress. Ant Smith criticizes the term "micropenis" for its arbitrary statistical definitions that label a 7 cm penis as abnormal while considering a 7.5 cm penis within the normal range. This creates an absurd and harmful distinction.

Smith argues, "The term 'micropenis' is an arbitrary label that can lead to unnecessary anxiety. A penis measuring 7 cm being labeled as abnormal, while a 7.5 cm penis is deemed acceptable, highlights the absurdity of such distinctions." He emphasizes that traditional medical conditions are diagnosed through symptoms rather than mere statistics, underscoring the arbitrary nature of these measurements.

By focusing on these measurements, society overlooks the natural diversity of human bodies. Smith advocates for rejecting unrealistic standards and embracing one's body as it is. "Anxiety grows in the dark," he explains, urging men to confront and dismantle the myths surrounding penis size. This shift in perspective can alleviate much of the anxiety, which is often constructed by societal expectations and media portrayals.

Practical Tips

Practical advice for those who wish to emphasize their size and make the most of what they have. Here are some of his key suggestions:

  • Avoid Comparison: "Ultimately all the statistics in the world are nothing more than a means to compare yourself with others – and whenever we do that we always end up more miserable than we were."

  • Manage Your Weight: As Smith suggests, "Control your weight. As you put weight on, all of that gets buried." Maintaining a healthy weight can help reveal more of your natural length and can make a significant difference.

  • Utilize Traction Devices Under Supervision: Smith recommends using traction devices under expert supervision. These devices can lengthen the penis safely over time, but he cautions against creating homemade devices due to potential dangers.

  • Welcome Toys and Tools: "Toys are not prosthetics. The point of them isn't to make up for something lacking. They're to remind us that sex is a fun-filled game." Using sex toys can enhance your sexual experiences, bringing variety and fun into your intimate life.

  • Emphasize Other Parts of Your Anatomy: Smith notes, "A penis is a delightful thing, and no matter the stature they can all bring pleasure in an infinite variety of ways." Utilizing other parts of your body during intimate moments can enhance overall intimacy.

  • Be Open and Communicate: Discuss your insecurities with your partner. Being open can lead to better understanding and support from those who care about you.

"The Small Penis Bible" calls for a more accepting approach, recognizing that true happiness and acceptance come from within, rather than through comparison with others.


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