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Coital Alignment Technique: The Bedroom Hack You've Been Missing

Let's talk about the missionary position for a moment. It's the go-to move for many couples, often seen as the default setting for a "meh" sex life. But what if I told you that this basic position could be transformed into something magical with just a few tweaks? Enter the Coital Alignment Technique, or CAT. No, it’s not a yoga pose or a new dance craze, but it might just revolutionize your sex life.

What Is CAT Anyway?

CAT, short for Coital Alignment Technique (or as some might call it, "grinding the corn"), takes the basic structure of missionary and adds a twist. Instead of the usual in-and-out thrusting, CAT focuses on a rocking, grinding motion that prioritizes clitoral stimulation. The aim? To close the notorious "orgasm gap" that many women experience.

Imagine, if you will, a couple in the throes of passion. The lights are dimmed, soft music plays in the background, and they’re about to engage in the age-old missionary position. But instead of the typical routine, they’ve decided to try something new. The penetrating partner shifts their body slightly upwards, aligning their pelvis with their partner’s clitoris. Instead of thrusting, they begin a slow, rhythmic grind. This is CAT in action.

coital alignment technique

Why It Works

The genius behind CAT is its emphasis on constant, direct clitoral contact. This technique was developed by American psychotherapist Edward Eichel to boost the chances of orgasm for the receiving partner. A 2017 study highlighted the disparity in orgasm rates, with only 65% of straight women consistently reaching orgasm compared to 95% of straight men. CAT helps bridge this gap by shifting the focus to clitoral stimulation, which is key for many women.

Picture the scene: instead of the ol’ in-and-out, the couple is now engaged in a more intimate, connected motion. The receiving partner can feel the grinding pressure right where it counts, leading to a higher potential for pleasure. It’s like upgrading from a basic sedan to a luxury sports car—the fundamentals are the same, but the experience is vastly improved.

The Coital Alignment Technique How-To Guide

So, how do you turn a regular missionary into the coital alignment technique? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Get into Missionary Position: Start with the classic setup—one partner lying on their back, legs spread, and the other partner on top.

  2. Adjust Your Angle: The penetrating partner should move slightly upward, so their pelvis is higher than usual, aligning more with the clitoris. Think of it as sliding up a few inches, almost like trying to look over an invisible fence.

  3. Start the Grind: Instead of thrusting, both partners should engage in a slow, rhythmic grinding motion. Think less "jackhammer" and more "swaying palm tree." The key is to keep the movement controlled and consistent, ensuring continuous stimulation.

  4. Find Your Rhythm: It’s all about finding the right movement that works for both of you. Adjust as needed—wrap your legs around your partner, use pillows for support, and remember, practice makes perfect.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Close the Gap: The receiving partner can wrap their legs around the top partner to create a tighter connection, enhancing clitoral stimulation. This can also help in maintaining a steady rhythm and ensuring maximum contact.

  2. Use Props: A pillow under the hips can help angle the pelvis just right for optimal contact. This simple addition can make a world of difference in comfort and stimulation.

  3. Add Toys: Don’t shy away from introducing a vibrating cock ring or a bullet vibrator to amplify sensations. These can add an extra layer of pleasure and make the experience even more intense.

  4. Experiment with Movements: Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Different angles and pressures can lead to different sensations—find what works best for you. Maybe try a bit of side-to-side action, or small circular motions. The goal is to find what feels best for both partners.

Why You’ll Love It

The beauty of CAT is in its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s backed by research—one study showed a 56% increase in orgasm frequency among women who previously struggled with the missionary position. Plus, it’s great for fostering intimacy, as the close body contact allows for easy touching, kissing, and caressing.

Imagine the bonding experience: you and your partner, face-to-face, sharing whispers and giggles as you explore this new territory together. The closeness of the position allows for an unparalleled level of intimacy, making it not just a physical experience but an emotional one as well.

CAT isn’t just for those with penises, either. Strap-ons and various dildos can be used to achieve the same effect, making it an inclusive technique for all types of couples. It’s a versatile move that can be adapted to suit different preferences and anatomies.

The Coital Alignment Technique is like giving your sex life a turbo boost. It’s about working smarter, not harder, to achieve mutual pleasure. So, why not give it a try? You might just discover a new favorite move that brings a lot more va va voom into the bedroom. And remember, sex should be fun and experimental—so go ahead, rock that boat (or bed), and see where the waves take you.

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Excelkent blog guys. Yes ! This CAT position is reverse cowgirl, when she grinds my dick, its also a change the sheets * situation..and esp if she uses a little bullet on her clit or in her ass...keep up the good work guys.always a pkeasure reading your blogs.

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