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JELQ2GROW started with a simple idea: to help men develop a better relationship with their bodies and sexuality. These days we hear so much about male privilege in a patriarchal system. Toxic masculinity dominates the headlines. Yet, so little is mentioned about the heavy burdens we men carry. Being men, we’re supposed to just soldier on.

Despite the social changes, so many of them clearly for the better, Mr. Ideal in the 21st Century is still pressured to be powerful, muscular, always fit, and of course, well endowed. Most would agree that there should be far more critical concerns to occupy our busy but brief existence as humans, but still, we fret.  We all have to face the insecurities that stem from these demands. How do men respond?

Some become obsessed. Some give up. Others criticize and try to overcome these expectations. Oh, and what about the specifics concerning our members?

Many men who suffer from insecurities with their penis aesthetics go to urologists or cosmetic surgery specialists. Unfortunately, some end up spending fortunes for those extra inches of pride without ever knowing that there is another way. Well, there is! It’s called PE (We call it Penile Enhancement)! It’s probably safe to say that the medical profession, for various reasons, still denigrates the practice of PE. However, lately, more and more urologists and other specialists recognize its benefits, albeit usually in specific recovery situations (e.g., post prostate operations). Whatever the context, some are now prescribing pumps, stretchers, and other devices and recommending the practice of manual exercises such as jelqing.

Although many come to PE to enjoy its aesthetic benefits, as PE practitioners, we consider that it should be lived beyond this. PE is an encounter with one's own body and sexuality. It’s a form of reconciliation and acceptance. At JELQ2GROW, we believe these should be the objectives when training. We men need to feel great about ourselves, with PE just as important as the gym. We should feel great not just from the results but also from the process, the pleasure, and the relationship we build with our bodies.


Information on PE as a practice is still mired in the sleazy lower basement of the internet. Most sites where you can learn about it demand expensive membership fees in exchange for the basics. JELQ2GROW's core belief is that this knowledge should be public and free. We don't prey on insecurities, and we don't promote competitiveness. PE should be only for you and your own well-being, not for some vanity match. 


Our JELQ2GROW Team provides Solutions. A big part of the solution is caution and guidance! When they first discover it, many men go for PE like raging bulls: rushed and poorly executed manual exercises; poor quality devices used incorrectly. The potential is there for serious injury. We guide men slowly, providing solutions all the way as PE becomes part of their lives - for the rest of their lives!

This is the place where you’ll find all the solutions for your PE training. Including a wide range of the best quality devices, reviews, and information to train better and easier! PE should be about pleasure too. We think that through sensation comes intimacy, and with intimacy comes acceptance. These are crucial to a modern man’s journey.


Talking about sexuality, our bodies, or even our vulnerabilities is usually taboo and complicated between men. We need spaces where we can express how we feel! We want to provide a place right here where we can support each other, motivate ourselves, raise our spirits, and, who knows? Perhaps even make a few new friends. We aspire to build a community that welcomes all types of men. A brotherhood where respect abounds! A brotherhood where we can share our experiences and knowledge and grow together!


We’re proud to say: JELQ2GROW is PE Training made easy! So take us with you on your growth journey! Come on in and check our community out. You’re welcome here!

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