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FAQ: curve-correcting questions #1

Curvatures and stretching angles

When it comes to stretching angles, it is suggested to target specific aspects of the penis. For example, some people prefer to stretch straight up as they feel this pulls more of the “inner penis” out by its root. If looking to target the suspensory ligament better, leaning back slightly will give a more intense stretch. Some prefer to stretch, pulling towards the rear- in a “between the cheeks” (BTC) manner. It is recommended to reduce the number of reps and force when testing out new angles and to focus on the feel of the stretch to determine where it is having the most impact. It is also essential to test out various possibilities to see what works best for you.

How to train when wanting to stretch a slight curve in your penis?

In this case, if the type of curvature is towards your dominant hand, it can be the one colloquially termed a “hand-made dick”. This is due to masturbation, AKA “handling”- usually with the dominant hand. Performed vigorously and often enough, tissues will tend to get stretched on the opposite side- leading to this condition.

The least invasive way to counter this issue would be to use the opposite hand for the majority of your work (in this case, your left hand) and make a concerted effort to pull towards the left. If this fails to yield satisfactory results after some weeks, more concerted means of correcting the curve should be looked into.


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