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The Jelq Exercise Family

The Jelq, one of THE most well-known PE exercises in the world. Jelqing is fundamental! There are those who base their entire PE careers only on this exercise, obtaining tremendous results. Jelqing is certainly quite simple but very effective. However, be aware, do not be fooled, as it has its complexities. Improper practice of the technique can result in several months of wasted time or even injury.

To assist with your Jelqing practice, we recommend our JELQ2GROW moisturising and healing balm. It will help optimise the aesthetics of your skin and, due to it being 85% shea butter, will promote collagen production and, therefore, tissue repair. It allows a much better grip than a standard lube or oil, so you can keep the pressure up while pampering your penis too.

Jelqing could be thought of as the tip of the PE Iceberg since it is the exercise that usually comes to the surface. Many have heard of it without knowing that there is a whole practice around it.

The history of Jelqing is somewhat uncertain and mysterious. It is believed to be a Sudanese Arab technique passed down from father to son. But the reality is that there’s not too much info to back this story. It may be real or not. It’s difficult to know. It doesn’t matter. What matters is performing the exercises correctly. That we do know, so let's move on.

The Jelq is an exercise that must be done in a semi-erect state. The principle of this exercise is to force the erectile tissues of the penis by pushing the blood flow through them. The sudden push of the blood into the capillaries forces blood storage capacity beyond its limits, causing microtears. The natural healing process of your body creates new cells to restore the gaps, which is how new tissue is created. Specifically speaking, Jelqing targets both the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum of the urethra, very important spots to work on your girth. And now that we mention girth, The Jelq is often a girth-targeting exercise. Of course, you’ll grow in length too! It works on both dimensions. Don't expect that you’ll get 2 cm in no time. PE in general, including Jelqing, requires a lot of patience and perseverance.

As we mentioned previously, you have to be careful with PE, guys; we don't want you to squeeze your penis like a wet towel to grow faster because that's not going to work. Jelqing also has its dangers, but if you practice carefully, listen to your body, and are fully aware of what you are doing, you will minimize any kind of risk.

You must consider three things to understand jelqing, improve your technique and take care of your penis:

The strength or pressure exerted during the duration of each repetition and the type of grip.

  1. Pressure: this is very important. Too little, and you will not have results. Too much, and you could hurt yourself. It can be challenging to know the appropriate amount of strength. A good clue is to feel the blood flow. There must be enough pressure to displace a good amount of blood to impact the internal tissues. In general, the blood’s movement is already a sign of sufficient power. You can apply more or less, try and draw your own conclusions, but always avoid pain.



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