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Pumping Up Your Game: Ask the Coach Series #2

Welcome back to our "Ask the Coach" series, where we dive into the nitty-gritty of male enhancement techniques. In this edition, we're focusing on a topic that's piqued the interest of many: penis pumping. We've gathered some of the most common and intriguing questions asked by our clients and brought in Coach AJ to shed light on these queries.

penis pumping bathmate

Erection Level for Optimal Pumping

Q: Is there a specific erection level you should aim for when using the pump?

Coach AJ: The ideal erection level for pumping depends on your goals. If you're not dealing with serious stamina issues and are focusing on enlargement, entering the device at about 70% erect is recommended. Then, you can work towards a full erection once inside the device. For those with ED or significant stamina concerns, enter the device with the best erection you can comfortably manage.

Pumping Routines for Maximum Effect

Q: What are your favorite pumping routines?

Coach AJ: There are several effective routines, but two stand out. The first involves a new approach to Waterpump routines, focusing on baseline squeezing for enhanced results. The second is Pulse Penis Pumping, which offers unique advantages in creating varying pressure levels for optimal growth.

Bathmate pumps

Enhancing Pump Workouts

Q: Are there techniques to make the pump session more challenging?

Coach AJ: Absolutely! For the advanced user, try 'pulling' the device slightly to generate bursts of pressure. Another technique involves a quick pull followed by a pump to remove a bit of pressure, creating a greater negative pressure deficit. These methods work best with manual pumps or Bathmate-type devices.

Focusing on Length Over Girth

Q: I'm satisfied with my girth and want to focus solely on length. Is there a specific method for this?

Coach AJ: To target length, use a cylinder just slightly larger than your erect girth, but use plenty of JELQ2GROW's Jelqing Balm to lubricate. This setup ensures that your penis expands along the length of the cylinder without significantly affecting girth.

Penis enlargement pills
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Minimum Expectations from Training

Q: What's the minimum gain I can expect from consistent training?

Coach AJ: While individual results vary, a reasonable expectation per training cycle is a gain of 1/4" in length and 1/8" in girth. If you're not achieving these gains, it might be time to reassess your consistency and progression in training.

Pumping the Entire Package

Q: What are your thoughts on using a larger cylinder to pump both the penis and testes?

Coach AJ: Pumping both the penis and testes can have advantages, like lower-hanging testes and less fitting issues. However, it also comes with potential drawbacks, such as the risk of varicocele aggravation and strain on the Cremaster muscle. It's important to weigh these factors and proceed with caution.

Embarking on a New Chapter

As we wrap up this edition of "Ask the Coach," remember that every journey in sexual health is unique. Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your techniques, our team is here to guide you. If you feel lost in your Sexual Health Training journey, consider picking up one of our memberships for professional guidance and tailored support.

Stay tuned for more insights and expert advice in our next edition, where we'll continue to explore the fascinating world of male enhancement and sexual wellness.

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