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Masturbation myths you must stop believing

For hundreds of years, masturbation was considered a sin. A perverted behavior, typical of psychologically unstable people! And although society has changed a lot and this practice no longer has the same stigma, certain myths persist and still prevent a guilt-free practice of masturbation.

It's time for demystification 😎

#1️⃣ Masturbation causes erection problems or erectile dysfunction

In reality, it's quite the opposite: During masturbation, there's a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. These are very important for having orgasms and also being able to experience pleasure. By actively exercising these muscles, your orgasms will be better, and sex too. However, there are two caveats to this: excessive consumption of pornography can lead to unrealistic expectations of what a sexual encounter should be like, causing performance anxiety, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. Then there’s guilt! You can abstain from masturbation if, at some point, you’re no longer enjoying it. But if it's something that’s concerning you, seeking a sex therapist to help you work through those guilt issues could be worth considering.

#2️⃣ You can masturbate too much

Not entirely true for most people, even if you masturbate daily for pleasure or stress relief. That's okay. But suppose you find that masturbation is interfering with your everyday life. In that case, there are some signs for you to observe: for example, skipping out on daily activities or being intimate with your partner to masturbate might give you a hint.

#3️⃣ It reflects on your relationship

Usually, people consider masturbation as a bad sign in relationships. This isn’t true. Many people in partner relationships masturbate separately or together, which does not indicate the amount of love or desire your partner has for you or vice versa. Masturbation is an activity that actually may well improve your sex life overall.

#4️⃣ It lowers testosterone

Also, FALSE! No data suggests that masturbation lowers testosterone levels. When you masturbate or orgasm, your testosterone level goes up, and after the climax fades, the testosterone level goes back down to an average level.

So you know, masturbating is not bad but pay attention to how you do it and if doing it gives you pleasure. If it leaves you with negative emotions to a certain extent, it would be best to review some of the points discussed to see how to solve the problem. Talking about these issues in the therapeutic space, whichever one we have, can be very positive. Still, even today, there is a lot of resistance from men to open up and be vulnerable, which can be very counterproductive. Try to make the change!


Jun 18, 2022

this helped me so much... come see me talk about it more here


Some of us spent years thinking we were masturbating too much - we should just masturbate as much as we feel like! Edging is also good. JELQ2GROW could add an Edging article to their Blog!😀💯

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