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Hypertrophy and Mitosis: Cell Size Growth and Cell Population Growth

About the author: Daniel is a student of Mathematics and seeks logic in everything he does, including his PE. He has been JELQ2GROW’s poster boy since early this year. In this article, the author discusses the two most likely means of Penis growth through PE: Hypertrophy and Mitosis.

In this text, I want to cover how hypertrophy and mitosis are applicable in PE. If you can make it to the end, there’s a couple of nice surprises. First, however, I ought to explain what these biological processes are and what type of stimuli induces them. Hypertrophy and mitosis are the main biological processes by which tissue grows. They function slightly differently. Hypertrophy is growth via an increase in a tissue's individual cell size. Hyperplasia refers to an increase in the number of cells within a tissue due to mitosis. Mitosis is effectively cell proliferation, basically coming from cell division. Cell division by mitosis gives rise to genetically identical cells in which the total number of chromosomes in each cell is maintained.

Your body is likely already very familiar with hypertrophy (especially if you’re an avid gym goer), because it is by that process that muscles grow. All types of resistance training induce hypertrophy in muscle cells to some extent. Muscular hypertrophy is the most common type of hypertrophy. Almost all results that appear on google after the word “hypertrophy” has been plugged into the search function are about muscular hypertrophy. However, this process is not exclusively restricted to muscle tissue. Most cells can grow by hypertrophy under added stress. For example, epithelial cells (skin, lining of the gastrointestinal tract, the airway, some bladder and prostate cells) do it in response to stress/injury or certain hormones.

If you regularly attend the gym, you might have noticed that training for aesthetics (bodybuilding) can be quite different from strength training. The optimal way to train for strength is not achieved by the same methods as by training for muscular hypertrophy. Strength training to increase the ability of a muscle to produce force is optimally done through lifting heavier weights (85% of your one rep max) for fewer reps, which also strengthens the Central Nervous System (CNS). The greatest predictor for muscular hypertrophy, though, is calculated by mechanical tension over time, which is more easily achieved with a higher training volume and slightly lighter weights.

So, why am I bringing up different types of strength training? What relevance do they bear to PE? There is no muscle in your penis, right? I even claimed so in my last video I produced for the Jelq2Grow YouTube channel. That might actually not be completely accurate. While it is true that we have no skeletal muscle that we have voluntary control over in the penis, many of its parts are constituted of smooth muscle tissue. Smooth muscle is an essential component of the sinusoids in the corpora cavernosa, the corpus spongiosum and the glans penis. Smooth muscles are involuntary non-striated muscles. Most of our organs have smooth muscles. A couple of examples are our stomach and most of the human digestive system. Of course, you aren’t aware of every little bowel movement your body makes to digest food. Those movements are involuntary and subconscious. You have no control over them. The same thing applies to the smooth muscle tissue in your penis. You CAN NOT voluntarily flex and relax it like your skeletal muscles… but it can react to external physical stimuli. For example, cold water will likely make these particular smooth muscles tense up and retract, while heat is more likely to get these tissues and the blood vessels to relax and open up, allowing blood flow, causing the penis to engorge, helping to create an erection. During contraction, the vasculature within a muscle is compressed, resulting in a lower arterial inflow with inflow increased upon relaxation.

So how can we tie the knowledge of these last two paragraphs into something practical for PE? We know there are “muscles” in the penis, and we know that the best way to induce muscular hypertrophy is via mechanical tension over time. So the next step (if you want a bigger member) should be to apply mechanical tension to the penis. This could be done with hanging, pumping or Jelqing, for example. Remember that the best predictor for muscular hypertrophy is mechanical tension OVER TIME. So there is no need to try to hang as heavy as possible or to attempt to pump with as much pressure as possible or to squeeze too hard when Jelqing. Attempting to “strength train” your penis is NOT the most efficient way to make it any bigger. You’ll only make yourself more susceptible to injury. So, a better way to induce hypertrophy in your penile region would be to hang with a lighter weight or pump with lower pressure for a longer amount of time, OR to Jelq for decent sessions without excessive pressure.

That’s enough about hypertrophy. So what induces mitosis? It’s mainly through mitogen (a small bioactive protein or peptide), but the exact biological process is a bit more complicated, so I won’t go into detail. A lot of different stimuli can induce mitosis. It’s how you’ve grown from being a baby to being an adult! What is more relevant and more practical knowledge for PE is that mechanical stretching can trigger epithelial cell division and mitogen-activated protein kinase activation (, ).

Do you remember I said the stomach is made of smooth muscle? It is a well-known phenomenon that the stomach can stretch over time (and not just temporarily) if you regularly consume sufficient volumes of food for it to stretch it out. Over time, even a stomach surgically reduced from Gastric Sleeve surgery will eventually expand a certain amount. So if the stomach is made out of smooth muscle and can gradually increase in size because of regular stretching, and your penis is made out of basically the same tissue, why shouldn’t your penis also be able to increase in size from the same stimuli (stretching)?

Most tissue can grow from induced mitosis. Here’s a throwback to some examples I gave in the first video I produced for Jelq2Grow: An ear can stretch out over time if you continue to stretch it with big earrings.

Women in the Ethiopian Mursi tribe continuously stretch their lips with bigger and bigger wooden lip plates because it is considered a sign of beauty in their culture, and they successfully grow their lips.

Most soft tissues - if stretched - can grow via mitosis. Why would your penis be an exception? It isn’t.

So if we know that penile tissue can grow via stretching. How can we apply this to PE? Well… by stretching the penis! There are a bunch of different methods for achieving this. The simplest method would be manually stretching the penis (with your hands). Readers will be familiar with JELQ2GROW’s beginner routines. The dozens of manual exercises can be utilized when starting PE and can certainly be applied throughout a long PE career. If you want to stretch for longer amounts of time more efficiently and you’re a more advanced PE aficionado, there are devices to look into, such as an extender, an ADS device or a Hanger. There have been studies confirming that penile extenders work (,, and I think that should serve to prove the efficacy of all these other traction devices (or methods).

To summarize: Induce Hypertrophy by extended periods of pumping or light hanging or Jelqing. Induce Mitosis by manual stretching methods, extenders, ADS and (again) hangers.

Since you’ve read this far, I have a double whammy surprise gift for you: (1) a surprise reminder of a key PE fact and (2) a surprise commercial benefit for you.

(1) JELQ2GROW’s key product, the 85% shea butter penis and scrotum balm that moisturizes and repairs and leaves your member aesthetically brilliant, has a key attribute. It promotes collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and CREATES TISSUE. So, our balm should be a key component of your workouts. Whether hypertrophy, mitosis or other processes are at work, use the balm to help.

(2) The commercial benefit:

Use DANIELBLOG50 in the JELQ2GROW checkout when purchasing the balm; you will get it for half price. As an affiliate, I’ll get something too.

There are other methods for growing the penis besides hypertrophy and mitosis. These include stretching out the suspensory ligament, breaking down the Tunica Albuginea to make it more malleable, factors for erection quality etc. However, Hypertrophy and Mitosis were all I wanted to cover for this particular blog article, so I have nothing more to say except, good luck on your PE journey.



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