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How to begin with Penile Enlargement: a practical guide

Wanting to be bigger seems to be something most men desire, and not just in modern Western cultures. In many societies through history, the induced growth of the penis appears to have been a common tradition, achieved by hanging weights and so-called "milking," now called jelqing. The urgent desire to achieve it, the audacious experience of many individuals, the development of different male enhancement devices, and the discovery of these traditions produced the emergence of an empirical and effective system of penis enlargement (PE). The influence of the Internet has spread with dizzying speed. Unfortunately, with the popularization of PE, countless scams and miracle solutions also appeared, which made thousands of men lose their money and fostered prejudice about the practice.

PE keeps developing and proliferating: new devices appear on the market, pumps and stretchers can now be found in most sex shops, and new methods or variants have emerged with effective results for many. However, the truth is that many men start their training anxiously, lazily, or carelessly: they buy a vacuum pump or an extender, without much notion of how the penis biologically grows, without informed knowledge about how to start.

This article aims at all men who want to start training PE without shortcuts: responsibility and true commitment. Every newbie should start with a fundamental process of getting used to the effects of the exercise on the penis, internalizing the technique, and building the habit. If anything needs to be made clear, PE requires real discipline.

Beginners must start with basic manual exercises. Progressing to more advanced exercises or device-based training requires experience and a minimum of work to prepare the penis for the next level.

It's always best to get initial results with the basics and leave those harder-to-get gains for advanced techniques. This initial habituation process is called: The Beginners Routine takes three months. However, new practitioners often extend it for another three months or even a year.

Although most of those who practice PE do so precisely for penis enlargement, which is the focus of this article, it is also necessary to point out that other significant benefits can be achieved with PE methods, in some cases with specialized exercises. Among the most important of such benefits are:

  • Ejaculation control (reduced premature ejaculation)

  • Improvement of erection quality

  • Restoration or growth of the foreskin (for those who are circumcised)

  • Curvature correction

Before starting training, anyone who decides to undergo these exercises should know that penis growth is a slow process that cannot be accelerated: there are no shortcuts. The penis does not respond to exercises in the same way that the muscles do. Having mentioned this, everyone should keep in mind from the beginning that patience and dedication will be two essential qualities for success. Impatience, anxiety, and inconsistency are our most dangerous enemies.

Another important fact that should be underlined is that the first measurable results usually appear after the second month, although there are exceptions. Sometimes the growth seems to stop after a while (“plateau”), restarting again after a period of stopping the exercises or a change in method. Put bluntly, and not to discourage but to prepare readers, PE methods require many months to achieve significant, permanent, and cemented results. Some have reported gains ranging from 1 to 3 inches in length, on average, with some claiming less than 1 inch and others claiming 4 inches. There is a reality, and beyond the reliability of the testimonials or the precision of the measurements, each penis has a unique reaction that varies from one man to another. Results will, to some extent, be determined by the individual and his genetic make-up.


Before moving forward, it is essential to explain two critical rules that every practitioner must always follow.

  • Avoid pain: As soon as any painful sensation appears, the exercises will be counterproductive and dangerous and should be discontinued or modified.

  • Rest: This is as important as the exercise itself, to the point that it is preferable not to do any exercise than to do it in excess. The repair and growth of penile tissues occur during rest. Many men with more experience in the exercises prefer to do them at night so that during sleep, there is an uninterrupted, more complete repair, with more effective results in growth. You shouldn't exercise every day. Many recommend exercising five days a week and resting two. Others prefer exercising and resting on alternate days. In fact, there are reports of many individuals whose growth has stopped after a particular time, making them drop PE; sometime later, when they resume for maintaining the gained size, growth appears again. Similarly, others claim to have reached their desired size and switched from their regular exercise program to a lighter maintenance program, and to their surprise, they keep growing.

One final recommendation would be to avoid all sexual activity, including masturbation (to climax), for at least 2 hours before the exercises and 2 hours after them. The stress caused by sexual activity on the penis could hinder optimal exercise efficiency. Also, before starting, remember to measure correctly to record the results of your training. If you still do not know how to make the measurements, here you can learn how.

How the penis grows: anatomy fundamentals

The growth of the penis occurs in two directions: length and girth. Only anatomical knowledge of the organ will allow us to understand how growth happens and explain the exercises' design. Therefore, every practitioner should, at some point, study the anatomical basics of the penis. For now, we will limit ourselves to the essential anatomical elements of the organ on which PE exercises directly act. These elements are the suspensory ligament and the two cylindrical bodies of spongy structure: the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum of the urethra. The suspensory ligament is like a rope that extends under the skin on the dorsal part of the penis and is attached to the pubic bone at one end, and at the other, near the base of the penis, in the “deep fascia, which is a consistent but flexible layer that covers the other internal structures of the penis. The ligament of the penis is similar to any other ligament in the body. It maintains the angle of the erect penis, and it also limits the growth in length of the penis and the length reached during erection.

The other anatomical element to consider is the two corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum of the urethra. These three cylindrical structures of spongy tissue, sometimes called the “erectile tissue,” run through the entire interior of the penis, up to the glans, having their other end in the pelvic cavity. These three bodies are responsible for erection; they increase in size and consistency when the blood pressure fills the tiny capillaries of spongy material. There are two corpora cavernosa, and they are located in the dorsolateral part of the penis. In contrast, the corpus spongiosum of the urethra occupies the central region, containing the urethra along with its interior, as shown in the following graphic: “ Cross-section of the penis.

Basis of the exercises

Any exercise aimed at making the penis grow must consider the above-mentioned factors. The exercises to make the penis grow in length fundamentally stretch the ligament. In contrast, exercises for girth are designed to cause an increase in blood pressure in the cavities of the spongy tissue. You microscopically break down these capillaries when you squeeze your member in a semi-erect state. When the tissue heals and rebuilds, more room is available for extra volumes of blood.

These two types of exercises for length (stretching) and girth (jelqing) must be performed in the same session to take advantage of their effects better. There is greater effectiveness in combining them in this way, given the feedback from both techniques. The last part of the training sessions is Kegels. You can practice this after your previous exercises or even throughout the day. We will explain the importance of Kegels in the Beginners’ routine in our next article to keep this short. But for today, we’ll learn how to warm up, stretch and Jelq.


Temperature is an essential factor. Before starting an exercise session, you should warm up your penis for at least 10 minutes using an electric heating wrap-around heating pad, a towel soaked in hot water, or any other method. One straightforward way is to use a bag of gel inside, which can be heated in the microwave. This heating is very important because it makes the tissues more flexible, especially the ligament, and activates blood circulation inside the penis and the metabolism of the tissues, thus making the exercises more effective and less traumatic.

The 5-Way Stretch:

Important: When you stretch, make sure you always avoid pain, even if there is some discomfort at first. Stretching should take 10 minutes of your routine, a total of 20 stretches, or 4 sets of 5 different stretches.

Downwards & Upwards

After warming up, make an “ok grip” with either hand and grab just behind the glans. You'll grab your penis this way in every stretch. Start little by little, pointing towards the floor and if there is no discomfort, begin to apply more force by adding your other hand to increase tension. Hold the tension for 30 seconds and then release. Next, point and pull your penis towards your belly button with the same grip. Add another hand to increase tension and hold for 30 seconds. Release.

Right & Left

This time pull down and out, pointing to your right leg. Add your left hand and hold the tension for 30 seconds. Release. Now, with your left hand, grab your penis with the Ok-grip. Again, pull down and out, pointing to your left leg. Add your right hand and hold the tension for 30 seconds. Release.


With either hand, grab your penis with the Ok-grip. Pull directly out in front of you. Hold the tension for 30 seconds. Release.

Once you have completed your first set of five stretches, start again until you finish four sets.


Take a good dollop of Jelq2Grow on your fingers 🤏. The texture varies significantly with the ambient temperature. Still, it absorbs with the warmth of your body, so rub Jelq2Grow all around if your skin absorbs too much, re-spread fresh Jelq2Grow as needed. Avoid over-lubricating. Friction is necessary to maintain jelq pressure on your penis.

1️⃣ Stimulate yourself to a 70% erection. Enough blood is needed to have the tissue walls impacted by the jelqing. Too much, and you may hurt yourself. Don't jelq fully erect.

2️⃣ With either hand, use your thumb and index finger to make an OK-grip 👌 around the base of your penis. Put the grip right at the base and press well into your pubic bone.

3️⃣ Apply pressure to the grip and slowly move it up, stopping just before you reach the head—meanwhile, kegel on each jelq. When applying pressure, there must be sufficient force to milk the penis, but you should not feel any pain. Feel the Jelq2Grow adsorb. Relax the kegel. You have completed one jelq. Each jelq should take approximately two to three seconds.

4️⃣ Immediately take your other hand and repeat the process. You can switch hands with each rep until you reach the desired time. The training itself should be about 10 minutes of the session.

✳️ If you lose your erection, stimulate again for a while.

💡 If you like, you can finish with some edging with another dollop of Jelq2Grow to restore normal blood circulation. It is always beneficial to finish with a few minutes of edging to improve the overall quality of erections.

💡 Start with one daily session. As your training goes on, you may well want to increase to more sessions.

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain motivation and perseverance, to organize and maintain the routine in this sense, it may not be something very simple for the vast majority. That's why we created a free Interactive Beginner's Routine for you to use when you train. You can mark the days you have completed, keep track of your measurements and check your progress over time.

We hope this article has cleared up your doubts about getting started in PE and is enough motivation to start pursuing your goals!


Jelqing rocks - just gotta take it slowly at the start but once your penis gets conditioned, it should be part of any PE programme.



Unknown member
Apr 20, 2022

JELQ helps me a lot

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excellent Jon. We are big fans of the Jelq as part of PE.


Apr 17, 2022

I love to jelq!

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Yes - it's super effective hey?

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