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EDGING (in PE): What is it? Why should you do it? How do you do it? When should you do it?

EDGING needs to be part of every PE Practitioner’s Journey. It should in fact be part of every man’s life! Let’s go through some simple concepts that we believe will get you to incorporate EDGING into your Penis Enhancement Routine in particular and your life in general (if it’s not already, of course!).


Edging is a very straightforward concept. Edging is basically masturbating without ejaculating. (Note we said “without ejaculating”, not “without climaxing” - there’s a difference, which we will touch on later). Edging is pretty straightforward as a concept. You just get yourself hard and pleasure yourself as you would during a masturbation session. Don’t Blow! Get that bit? Don’t Blow! Stroke, fondle, squeeze, lubricate, one hand, two hands, glans, foreskin (if you’ve got one), balls, - whatever your scene is - all of those and more - JUST DON’T BLOW! Some may be asking “Why on Earth would you do that?”.

EDGING: WHY should you do it?

There are some really great reasons to edge. Not all are directly related to your PE career, but several are:

  • Edging is a very pleasurable way of finishing a PE training session. It’s a great way to be in touch with yourself, literally and figuratively. It's time out for you and your body, especially the part of your body that PE is principally targeting..

  • Because you are practising self-control, Edging is of great assistance in teaching your body to ride waves of pleasure rather than push yourself to quick ejaculation. The benefits in your lovemaking with your partner are huge. You will be able to last much longer if that is desired.

  • It’s free.

  • Being erect is excellent for staving off erectile dysfunction, especially as we age.

  • When you finish a PE Workout, we advise you to immediately carry out at least 5 minutes of Edging. The blood flow through your member is exceptionally beneficial for recovery post a workout. The “non-ejaculation” part is mentioned further under “How”!

  • Edging is a great way to explore the erogenous zones that are away from your penis itself: your taint, your outer anus, your anus itself, your nipples, wherever. What about those hot little spots on either side of the base of your shaft, whatever they’re called - try them too! Let your imagination go wild.

  • Another reason WHY you shouldn’t ejaculate soon after a PE session is that post ejaculation your body enters a “refractory” phase. During this, for most men, tissues and penile components generally shrink back to sizes near the lowest flaccid state. Your body also enters a sleepy rest phase. Your enthusiasm for the next PE session may well be reduced - we don't want that when we are training. Maintaining a higher degree of horniness is much better, so you’re ready to go again with the next PE session and keep the enhancement going.

  • Did we mention that it’s free?

There are other reasons for WHY you should Edge. Join our conversation (or comment under the blog post) and give your fellow community members reasons apart from the above. Those who are still wondering may not have recognised the “How”.

EDGING: HOW do you do it?

Well, that’s probably the least difficult question here! Do you know how to masturbate? Well, you know how to Edge! Do you know how to stop yourself from ejaculating? If yes, you’re a Master Edger. If not, you have some very enjoyable homework to do! At JELQ2GROW we are huge supporters of Edging as part of the PE process and we even have a couple of Toys in our shop that can make the solo experience more intense. One is a really lovable Silicone Masturbator that we’re sure will become part of your PE arsenal if you purchase one. The other is a Glans vibrator. It’s quite simply got to be Man’s Best Friend (sorry puppies!). It comes with a choice between two beautifully designed glans covers, one with vibrating bullets on either side and one with a bullet on the very tip and one on the side. There are 10 different sensation levels, controlled by a single push of a button.

Further on the How:

  • Get yourself relaxed. Hopefully, if you’ve just finished PE, you're in a good, quiet location, and disturbances will be unlikely.

  • Get hard and start pleasuring yourself. Try not to think about ejaculating.

  • Kegel often during the Edging session. Regular Kegels are helpful if you get near the Point of No Return. Reverse Kegels are great for allowing yourself to go up and down the steps of delight. Reverse Kegel to slightly reduce your erection level, then head on back up with whatever technique you are employing for your Edging.

  • Get your partner (or one of them) to join in. You can Edge on yourself for someone else’s viewing pleasure, you can Edge them, and they can Edge you!

  • If you end up going “over the edge”, enjoy it, don’t be hard on yourself! There are years of great Edging ahead for you.

EDGING: WHEN do you do it?

Again, we thoroughly recommend you try to Edge after each and every PE session. In another Blog Post, we will talk about the Opportunistic Edge session, where you just make the most of any unexpected free time to slip away for a quiet Edging session (well, it doesn't have to be quiet of course).

We’d recommend you start turning many of your masturbating, and possibly even some of your sex sessions, into Edging sessions. There is power in not ejaculating. Earlier we mentioned, “not ejaculating versus not climaxing”. As you progress with PE and with Edging, you will no doubt come across the concept of “non-ejaculatory orgasms”. Well trained practitioners achieve “full-body” orgasms, multiple times, without ejaculating. We will be covering these themes going forward but for the purposes of this post, just recognise that climaxing does not have to include ejaculation.

Start living more of your life on the Edge.

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Well worth the read!!! Off to Edge now!

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