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Customer story: Paul's Journey

This is the start of a new regular feature in our Blogs: Customer Stories from our members, you fellow PE Practitioners. Want to tell your story? Just let us know via In this article, we will hear from Paul. In terms of his stats, he has grown from 6” x 5.75” to 8” x 6.25” in 5 years, having started in May 2018.


Customer Story:

Hello Fellow PE’ers. I’m pretty stoked to be today’s guest blogger! I started PE after some bullying at a drunken, cold BBQ where my shrunken, freezing hairy flaccid got exposed by some dickheads pulling my pants down in front of a crowd. Well, good things can come from bad! Truth be known, I was already out of love with my flaccid! I’d mucked about with pumps and stretchers before, but never committed - deep down, I doubted PE, I guess. The bullying experience pushed me to commit - I found a good forum online, and I have never looked back. My flaccid hangs nicely, as does my sack - and the bullies can go fuck themselves. All of us can do this - no matter our starting point. I was pretty diligent with my starting photos. I'd love to show my before and current, to help illustrate my story - hopefully, J2G will have a means of doing that someday. I was lucky enough to get the classic "newbie" gains despite being in my 50s when I started. I had 0.9 inches in length growth after 4 months of solid manuals, jelqing, and stretching, using J2G's Jelqing balm religiously. I don't have details of how long it took to get the milestone dimensions like 7 and 7.5, etc., in length and 6.0 and 6.25 in girth, but get them I did. The 8.0 on the ruler was fairly recent ....and my 5-year anniversary was May 2023, so I think it is safe to say 2 inches, from 6.0 to 8.0, in 5 years. Worth every minute!

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One advantage I have had is that I mostly work remote "commute" roles, so I get private, alone time fairly often. If you haven't got that luxury, just make it happen somehow. Go to bed an hour earlier than your partner - tell your partner this is your journey, and you are gonna do it! I’ve done mostly manuals since my May 2018 start. My own constant - constant, constant, constant! has been JELQ2GROW's Jelqing Balm. It is just the absolute best, no matter what methods you are using at whatever stage of your growth journey. Use it jelqing, stretching, pumping, with your bathmate, with your ADS, and stretching your sack. It makes exercises easier. It promotes healing. I use it before, during, and after! There must be kilograms of this stuff that has been adsorbed into my membership. I recently re-started with my Bathmate. I am also an avid clamper, as I know that my partner loves the girth gains. Another constant is my edging - I do it every day - and I do it pushing hard on my member. It's great fun!

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I'm a bit of a fanatic about my health, including exercise, diet, and sleep, and I believe that helps. Coach AJ Al Alfaro makes a simple observation that our penises are blood-based organs. Healthy dicks need healthy blood and blood flow. To gain, you also have to keep fit and healthy.

There is something really special about feeling the new measures creeping up on the JELQ2GROW ruler. I have no intention of stopping my journey - although my partner loves the feeling, and I'm pleased about that; the journey is mine. So, I'll carry on growing. 8.5 x 6.5 would be nice. I'd never have imagined 8 x 6.25 when I started - I might as well aim for the seemingly impossible! Enjoy your journey, Fellow PE'ers!

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