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Are Your Penis Size Gains Permanent? A Comprehensive Guide to Cementing and Maintaining Your Gains

"Are size gains permanent?" This question is a common concern among men who have embarked on, or are considering, their journey of Penis Enhancement (PE) Training. After investing time, effort, and determination into growth and improvement, it's only natural to wonder if these hard-earned gains will last. This article aims to demystify the topic and explain the concept of cementing gains, thereby setting your worries at ease.

The Science Behind PE:

To truly comprehend how penis enlargement is possible, it's necessary to delve into a fundamental biological principle - Davis' Law. This law plays a crucial role in PE, much like it does in any form of body modification or improvement.

Blood flow

Davis' Law states that soft tissue remodels along the lines of stress placed upon it. Essentially, when we subject the penile tissues to sustained tension through various PE exercises, these tissues gradually adapt to this tension. This adaptation results in them growing both stronger and longer, mirroring the effects of muscle growth post exercise.

This principle is similar to what we observe when we exercise our muscles. The stress of exercise causes micro-damage to the muscle fibers, which the body then repairs and reinforces, making them stronger and larger over time. The process of mechanical creep, which involves applying sustained tension to tissues over a prolonged period, is instrumental in penis enlargement. It effectively triggers the body's innate response to initiate tissue growth and repair.

Therefore, it is through an understanding and application of Davis' Law that PE training stimulates tissue expansion and growth, leading to size enhancement. It is this principle that forms the basis of PE, justifying its effectiveness and the permanence of gains when followed by a proper cementing phase.

The Analogy with Fitness:

Consider a scenario where you've spent months or even years in the gym, lifting weights, and doing countless squats and push-ups to attain your ideal body shape. However, if you abruptly stop gym workouts, your body won't maintain its muscular form indefinitely. Your muscles would begin to lose their strength and size over time due to a lack of the stimulus they were accustomed to during the training phase.

Just like muscle development, if you halt your PE training suddenly after achieving your size goals, the penile tissues will also begin to regress.

The Cementing Phase:

Often, men who reach their desired size prematurely abandon the training, causing a sudden halt in tissue stimulation. If followed correctly, PE Training not only gives you size gains but also helps you keep them. How? The answer lies in the 'cementing' phase of your training routine.

Upon achieving your size goal, you're expected to undergo a maintenance routine designed to 'cement' your gains. This involves decreasing the volume or intensity of your PE exercises over a period of 4 to 8 weeks. The decrease should mirror the initial increase you made for each exercise/method in every session.

Maintaining Your Penis Size Gains:

After the 'cementing' phase, regular stamina exercises or vigorous sexual activity can help maintain your gains. Incorporating stamina exercises 2-3 times a week or ensuring full daily erections will keep the blood flow to your penis active, thereby keeping your EQ (Erection Quality- a combined measure of stamina and hardness) high and maintaining your gains.

In the journey of penis enhancement, it's important to remember that the process goes beyond mere growth; it extends into the realm of maintenance and, ultimately, lifestyle. The permanence of your size gains is largely dependent on how you transition from the growth phase to the maintenance phase.

Yet, PE training shouldn't be viewed as a short-term endeavor. Instead, consider it as a lifestyle change, one that contributes to overall penis health and well-being. It's about more than just maintaining the gains; it's about celebrating your commitment to your body and the positive results that come with it.

Patience, coupled with consistent and conscious efforts, can lead you to your goals and beyond. So embrace this journey, incorporate it into your lifestyle, and enjoy the lasting benefits it brings to your life.


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