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Why you should warm up in Penis Enlargement

Warming up is often neglected, not just in the gym but in PE as well! Before starting any PE session, a penis warm-up should be done, applying your chosen, safe and convenient method.

Warming up your member is very important because it softens the structures of the penis and prepares it to be subjected to the rigors of the exercises. By warming up, you also prevent possible injuries. Penis enlargement is like the work of a blacksmith. To work the metal, give it the shape you want; you have to heat it. Applying heat to materials to facilitate handling is a fundamental principle, and the penis is no exception!

Heat activates blood circulation within the penis. As a result, it softens the skin, ligaments, tunica albuginea, corpora cavernosa, and other structures of the penis. This way, the tissues become more flexible and predisposed to manipulation, making every exercise more effective 💪

The vast majority of men looking to enlarge their penis, correct a curvature, or simply improve the quality of their erections ignore heating. And we can't blame them; heating is usually a tedious process. Many heating methods involve hot water, which generally leads to spills, staining, and wetting of the floor and clothes. It can be pretty messy. However, you must warm-up.

A workout without the proper warm-up can result in months of wasted time. Unfortunately, the reality is that the vast majority of men looking to gain size are unaware of how fundamental this stage is in penile enlargement. Unfortunately, even the manufacturers of many penis enlargement products, such as vacuum pumps, extenders, and hangers, do not include heating as a step before the use of their devices. This is a big and fundamental mistake!

Whether your training is manual or device-based, you must prepare properly and make the most of the time you dedicate to PE. If you are already doing it and taking the time for this, why not do it right?

Every technique and training method is benefited if there is a prior warm-up. However, there are specific techniques that hold incredible potential when applying heat. One of them is the Penis Hanging, a method in which weight is applied to the penis to generate tension and stretch in the tissues. In some ways, it's very similar in logic to manual stretching; there's an obvious difference in the rigor of the exercise. In addition, the force of the weight works in a very isolated way on the penis, and you have more control and certainty over the amount of weight applied. Properly warming up before hanging is vital, as it softens the tissues, maximizing the technique's effects and reducing the risk of injury.

Most men who practice penis pumping never realize the importance of warming up before training. They buy the cheapest pump they found on Amazon and start pumping without many notions of what they're doing.

Warming up is very important if you practice pumping, as this technique significantly impacts the penis. The appearance of bruises, marks, and injuries is commonplace. Most pumps do not have a pressure indicator that allows a precise limit to be adhered to. That’s risky. Pumping without proper heating puts cold, therefore stiffer, tissues under tremendous pressure. So, warming up for 8-10 minutes before pumping allows you to prepare all the tissues involved in pumping, reducing the possibility of injury.

♨️ Warm-up methods

There are many methods to apply heat to the penis: hot water bottles, wet towels with hot water, heating uncooked rice in the microwave, and putting it in a sock. They have their differences but what they have in common is that they are all usually impractical. The preferred one is usually to use a glass with hot water, but many stop heating because of how messy it can be.

The heating, either with hot water or by any other method, must be significant, as hot as possible, but not unbearable. Avoid burning the skin of your member 🥵. It has to be hot but not dangerous, so be careful! Also, leave your testicles out of the game. The heat applied will reach the most internal structures of the penis, leaving it ready to start your session. Begin your training just when you finish warming up. If you lose temperature, reapply the heat for 3-4 minutes and resume your workout.

We recommend using our PE Heating Pad, the most practical, clean, and easy way to prepare for your training sessions.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the great advantage of warming up with our PE Heating Pad is that you can also take advantage of the benefits of infrared heat.


Stimulates production of cells and tissues

Protects cells and tissues against oxidative stress

Softens tissues, making them more malleable

Relieves inflammation

Reduces pain

Promotes healing

Helps blood circulation

Performs focused heating in desired areas.


1) Connect your PE Heating Pad to a USB source. It can be your computer’s USB port, a Main USB adaptor, or a portable battery.

2) Hold down the power button for three seconds and select the desired heat level. Level 1 (Green, 55°C); Level 2 (Blue, 65°C); Level 3 (Red, 75°C)

3) Wrap your penis with the heating pad and fasten the velcro so that your penis is well wrapped and pressed. Wait till the heat escalates.

4) Heat for 8 to 10 minutes, and voila! Never before so simple!

✔️ TIP

After warming up, begin your session with stretching exercises to take advantage of the flexibility of the tissues.

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Apr 27, 2022

Can't believe I've been training without doing this!

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