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What is the Donut Effect?

If you have ever tried penis pumping, whether it be with an air pump, a Bathmate, or an electric pump, you have probably come across the donut effect, perhaps without even knowing it.

In Penis Enhancement, due to the similarity to the shape of donuts, we use the term “Donut Effect” to name a widespread side effect, especially when doing Penis Pumping. Unfortunately, it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing at all. However, if this has ever happened to you, don't worry, it's not that serious.

The PE donut is a characteristic inflammation in the part of the penis immediately behind the glans caused by the accumulation of tissue fluid under the skin as a traumatic response.

When the penis is inside the cylinder, the vacuum’s suction causes the tissue fluid to escape through the blood capillaries under the skin, causing swelling. This doesn’t occur exclusively by pumping. Sometimes jelqing, using extenders, hanging, and other exercises can elicit the same reaction, although less frequently. If the penis is not circumcised, the donut generally affects the foreskin.

Why does it happen?

The body responds immediately to mechanical trauma by increasing tissue fluid volume in the affected area to facilitate the intense metabolic exchange required.

But the Donut is not exclusive to PE. The same effect can sometimes appear by heat and rubbing against underwear, especially if they’re not tight and allow free movement of the penis and, therefore, friction. Likewise, rough sex can sometimes have a similar effect.

How to avoid the donut effect?

You can avoid this effect by knowing the threshold for both the intensity and time of your training sessions. In the case of pumping, which is the most common cause, the limit has two factors: pressure, measured in inches or millimeters of mercury, and time, measured in minutes. So the easiest way to avoid the donut effect when you pump is to pay attention to the reaction of your penis. Do not overdo it, and keep control of the time and the pressure exerted.

A very simple and practical way to keep the donut at bay is by bandaging the annular area behind the glans, where the Donut usually appears. The bandage forces the fluid to remain in the circulatory system, preventing the accumulation of excess fluid that causes the donut effect. But don’t tighten it too much, just enough to keep everything in its place.

How to reduce a Donut Effect?

The Donut is not a painful trauma. The capillaries will absorb the fluid accumulated in a few hours, making the effect disappear. If, in any case, you want to accelerate its disappearance, you can use our Jelqing Balm to enhance the healing. Smear the balm on the affected area and gently cover it with a bandage. This will help speed up the body's natural recovery mechanisms.

It is essential to be informed about the practice of Penis Enlargement. We work in a sensitive area, and it is our responsibility to take all possible precautions. Now that you know what a Donut is and how to avoid it pay attention to your body's signals and do not exceed your limits.


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