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How to Combine Penis Pumping with Other Training Methods For Girth

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In the previous article, we introduced a beginner static pumping routine for those who are just starting with penis pumping. This routine is perfect for taking your first steps into penis pumping. In this article, we'll explore how to combine this same routine with other training methods. Additionally, if you're at a more advanced level of pumping or following different routines, these combinations can also apply to your training.

Before we dive in, you might not know this, but pumping can also be a great warm-up method. For example, if you find the beginner static pumping routine we discussed a bit demanding, or if you’re not ready to fully incorporate pumping into your routine yet, you can start by familiarizing yourself with other exercises and achieving your first gains through manual exercises. This way, you can gradually accustom your body to the exercises before fully integrating pumping. Using pumping as a warm-up exercise for no more than seven minutes, with warm water and moderate pressure, can result in a good engorgement that enhances your entire training session. The increased blood flow achieved through this method can be very beneficial.

Three Methods to Combine Pumping with Other Exercises

Broadly speaking, there are three main ways to combine pumping with other training methods, whether these are devices, manual exercises, or others. When it comes to manual exercises, it is generally beneficial to combine pumping with girth exercises, such as ulis, jelqing, squeezes, compressors, and more. These are just some examples, and other exercises can also be combined effectively. Combining the results and effects of girth exercises with pumping creates a synergistic effect. This synergy enhances blood flow, tissue expansion, tissue stress, thus more micro-tears, which leads to more effective and noticeable results. There are three main ways to combine pumping with these exercises: before the pumping session, between sets of pumping, and after a pumping session.

Girth Manual Exercises Before Pumping

One effective method is to first perform your exercise, whether it's with a device or manually, and then follow it with a pumping session. For example, if you have already finished the stretching portion of your session and are now focusing on girth exercises, you might be practicing jelqing, ulis, or another manual exercise. Once you’ve completed your girth exercises, finish with a pumping session. This can be the regimen you’re already following, such as the static routine we discussed previously, or a dynamic routine.

Now, it's crucial to be very cautious not to overtrain or overstress your tissues, as you have already provided a stimulus with the manual exercises. Maintain a keen awareness of how your body reacts; don't rush into a long pumping session without breaks. Instead, take pauses and massage in between. A session with breaks and massages in between sets is likely the best approach for achieving optimal results. Ending with a pumping session serves as a warm-down method, continuing to stimulate the tissues while helping them recover.

Between Sets of Pumping

Another effective approach is to integrate manual exercises between your pumping sets. Typically, when instructing manual girth exercises such as jelqing or Ulis, it is recommended to start with a manageable number of repetitions. For example, with jelqing, you might start with 80 repetitions, adjusting based on your erectile health. If you have poorer erectile health, you might start with fewer repetitions to familiarize yourself with the exercises.

Let's say it's your first day, and you're incorporating this combination into your routine. You've been assigned 80 repetitions of jelqing. One way to manage this is by dividing the total repetitions by three. After each pumping set, you can perform a portion of the jelqing exercises, aiming for a good level of erection—around 65% to 80%. Always be careful not to squeeze too hard or use excessive force.

For instance, if you're on your fifth session and following a dynamic training regimen where your repetitions increase session by session, you would again divide the total number of repetitions by three to perform them after each pumping set.

The challenge with this method is that it may extend your time in the bathroom if you're using a water pump, potentially causing you to rush and compromise the technical performance of your manual exercises. Conversely, with air pumps, you can take your time since there's no water involved, allowing for a more relaxed pace. However, you can mitigate water usage by turning off the water while performing manual exercises. Everyone can adapt this approach to their own circumstances.

Manual Exercises or Other Methods After Penis Pumping

As the name suggests, this method involves performing manual exercises or other techniques after completing your pumping session. Once you finish the three sets of pumping—whether it's a static routine with five-minute sets or a dynamic routine with longer sets—you should thoroughly massage the area. Afterward, you can begin your manual girth exercises. For example, if you have 80 jelqs in your routine, perform these repetitions with adequate lubrication with our JELQING Balm and gentle pressure.

If you're following a dynamic routine and are on your 12th session of a 24-session cycle, you would perform the number of repetitions required for that day after the pumping session.

This method opens up several interesting possibilities. Firstly, you can combine manual exercises with pumping by performing them after the pumping session. Secondly, you can use a ring as a standalone method after pumping, which was originally intended for acute erectile dysfunction cases to maintain engorgement and firmness. In this context, it helps extend tissue expansion and the plumped effect. Thirdly, you can use a ring to aid in maintaining a better level of erection during manual exercises post-pumping, especially if more control is needed.

Lastly, for a more sophisticated approach, you can use advanced ring methods as detailed in our articles. We have developed a proprietary method called the 3-Ring Method, which advanced users might find beneficial for enhancing girth training after pumping. You can learn more about this method by following the link provided.

There is much debate about which of these methods is the most effective for proper stimulation and good engorgement. The reality is that there are no universally applicable answers or formulas because our bodies react differently to the same stimuli. Therefore, we recommend trying the method that interests you the most or testing all three, comparing them to see which works best for you. Dedicate at least a cycle of 24 sessions or six weeks of training to each method, keeping other factors as consistent as possible so that the only variable is the combination of pumping and other methods. This approach will provide a more objective observation and help you draw accurate conclusions.

Have you tried these combinations before? If so, which one do you usually practice? For those who are unsure how to structure this within their routine, we have provided a downloadable template with all three methods outlined.

Have you tried these combinations before? If so, which one do you usually practice?

  • Girth Manual Exercises Before Pumping

  • Between Sets of Pumping

  • Manual Exercises or Other Methods After Pumping


Guys is there such a thing as too little or too much reps in jelking? Is there a sweet spot? Its important to me not to overtrain or undertrain my dick. Thx guys !


Wow. That was great information. I do jelks.edging.kegels.light stretches.i use cock rings..but i have yet to buy a pump..the routines / ideas you listed are great., culminating in a huge cock. Im at 7x6 and welcome more size.i gotta get my pump. Thx team..

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