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Girth Training Advice: Ask The Coach

Are you looking to enhance your girth through effective training methods? In this article, we address three common questions from our clients seeking advice on girth training. Our resident coach, AJ, provides insights and recommendations to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're new to girth workouts or looking to fine-tune your techniques, read on to find answers to your concerns.

Question 1: Exploring Higher Erection Levels for Squeezes Client Question about girth: "I've just started with the Squeeze for my girth workouts and I feel I can do more than the recommended 70 percent average erection level. Can I try a higher erection for this?"

Coach AJ's Response:

Certainly, it's natural to want to push your limits, but when it comes to girth training, there are important considerations. Increasing the erection level for Squeezes can intensify the exercise, but it's crucial to exercise caution. The degree of force required to manipulate a higher erection increases significantly, and without proper conditioning, you may find the higher erection Squeeze less efficient. Before attempting higher erection levels, it's essential to assess your readiness and gradually work your way up.


Question 2: Jelqing Techniques and Base Holding Client Question: "For jelqs, you recommended holding the base to prevent the skin from moving up. Is it better to start from as far back as possible? Can I avoid holding the base by using more lube?"

Coach AJ's Response:

Your concern is valid, and the effectiveness of jelqing depends on proper technique. To maximize the benefits, aim to stroke as deep into the base as possible. This may require you to hold back the skin with one hand while using the other hand for the stroke. Additionally, spreading your fingers enough to allow the stroking hand the proper range of motion is essential.

Alternatively, using more (thick) lubrication can simplify the exercise and minimize skin movement. Experiment with both methods to determine which one works best for you. Your feedback will help refine your technique and achieve optimal results.


Question 3: Squeezes vs. Jelqing for Girth Client Question: "Why do I feel that Squeezes are more effective for girth than jelqing, even with similar levels of EQ? Aren't they both for girth?"

Coach AJ's Response:

While both Squeezes and jelqing can contribute to girth enhancement, they have distinct characteristics. The Squeeze is a girth-direct exercise, primarily focused on expanding girth. However, it's worth noting that the Squeeze can also yield some degree of length gains, as it expands the tunica.

On the other hand, jelqing is a versatile exercise with various applications. It can promote girth gains and improve blood flow, contributing to enhanced erectile quality (EQ). Some individuals may find that Squeezes work better for them due to their specific goals and preferences. It's essential to tailor your training routine to your objectives and adapt as needed to achieve the desired results.



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Explore Your Girth Enhancement Journey:

Girth training is a personalized journey, and it's essential to approach it with knowledge and care. Our coach, AJ, has provided valuable insights into girth training techniques, including the use of erection levels, base holding in jelqing, and the differences between Squeezes and jelqing. Remember that consistency and gradual progression are key to success in girth enhancement. If you have more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out, and we'll continue to provide expert guidance on your journey to girth improvement.


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