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JELQ2GROW's Jelqing Balm is the perfect companion for your YOU time. Use it as a lubricant for your intimate moments, for the daily care of your penile and scrotum skin, or for intense PE training sessions.


We designed JELQ2GROW’s Jelqing Balm for serious PE practitioners. Use it before, during, and/or after your manual exercises session (Jelqing, Stretching, Edging) or if you’re training with devices (Pumps, Weights, All Day Stretchers). In addition, it’s a wonder product for devoted scrotum stretchers.


Designed to heal your skin and to leave your member looking sensational, with 85% organic shea butter as well as beeswax and tea tree oil, JELQ2GROW's Jelqing Balm brings together everything you need for the health of your penis and for a safe and pleasant workout. Its anti-inflammatory hydrating properties will enhance the healing of tissues, giving your body the recovery it needs. In addition, Shea Butter enhances collagen production so tissue recovery is boosted.


Take JELQ2GROW with you on your growth journey.




  • Apply before, during or/and after your training

  • For daily care of penis and scrotum skin

  • As a lubricant for your solo time




  • JELQ2GROW Balm

  • Exercise instructions

  • Video tutorial


$59.90 Regular Price
$54.95Sale Price
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