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Experience thick, throbbing erections that last with the professional-grade Pro-Gauge Power Pump. This trigger-style penis pump is a safe, affordable, and non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, offering an easy way to instantly enlarge your penis without any negative side effects.


Easy to Use:


  • Simple Operation: Insert your penis into the vacuum cylinder tube, squeeze the EZ-grip handle, and watch as your pleasure rod grows bigger and thicker than ever before.
  • Perfect Seal: The soft PVC sleeve forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin, creating a powerful vacuum inside the chamber that forces your erection to quickly expand and swell with power.




  • Clear Vacuum Cylinder: Allows you to see your penis get bigger and fatter with each squeeze of the lever.
  • Easy-Read Gauge: Lets you monitor how much pressure you've pumped, ensuring safe and effective use.
  • High-Quality Materials: The tube is made from thick, heavy-grade acrylic and marked with both metric and US standard graduations for accurate measurement of your growth.


Precision and Control:


  • Precision Pressure Gauge: Allows you to monitor your pumping progress and view the amount of vacuum pressure.
  • Quick-Release Trigger: Instantly relieve the pressure when you've reached your desired size, getting you ready to play.


Enhancement Ring:


  • Maintain Your Erection: Use the included enhancement ring to help maintain your erection and prolong ejaculation for enhanced performance.


Product Specifications:


  • Cylinder Dimensions:
    • Length: 8.5 inches
    • Width: 2.5 inches
    • Inner Diameter: 1 inch
    • Insertable Length: 7.75 inches


  • Package Dimensions:
    • Depth: 3.6 inches
    • Width: 6.5 inches
    • Height: 14.75 inches


  • Weight:
    • Product Weight: 0.70 lbs
    • Packaged Weight: 1.06 lbs
    • Packaged Length: 3.75 inches
    • Packaged Width: 6.50 inches
    • Packaged Height: 14.75 inches


Discover the Pro-Gauge Power Pump today and enjoy the benefits of a larger, more powerful erection safely and effectively.

Penis Pump with Gauge by Pipedream

$94.95 Regular Price
$85.46Sale Price
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