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Introducing Magnum Rings, the passive method of penis enlargement that works by keeping blood in the right place - the penis - while slowing its return to the body. Designed to conform to the natural shape of the penis, Magnum Rings are both comfortable and effective in helping you achieve a healthier penis with improved erection quality.


With the Magnum Rings System, you introduce a surge of new, nutrient-rich blood into the veins and arteries in the penis, creating micro tears in the penile tissue that lead to the natural creation of new cells and adding mass. This is the key to significant and permanent penis enlargement - stretching the tunica wall so the columns in the penis enlarge and accommodate an increased blood volume.


  • Easy to use: Simply place one ring at the base of your penis and the other just below the tip or glans area, then gently press on the scrotum area to create the necessary "high tension overload." This will overload the penis with blood, leading to micro-tears in the penile tissue that will naturally repair themselves, adding mass.


  • Conforms to natural shape: The Magnum Rings design conforms to the natural shape of your penis, making it more comfortable and effective because it works with your erection - not against it.


  • Improves overall penis health: With the Magnum Rings System, you introduce a surge of new, nutrient-rich blood into the veins and arteries in your penis, resulting in improved erection quality and overall penis health.


  • Adjustable design: When worn properly, the adjustable design of Magnum Rings doesn't pinch the urethra closed, which means it can be worn for the necessary time pain-free without any negative effects.


  • Can be combined with other methods: Magnum Rings can be used as a standalone product or combined with other penis enlargement methods, such as manual exercises or pumping sessions.


Magnum Rings should be worn for just 15 minutes every other day, and you can expect to see results in as little as four to six weeks. With detailed instructions included with your order, using Magnum Rings has never been easier. Try it today and take the first step towards a healthier and more confident you!


Penis Enlargement rings by Magnum Rings

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