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Experience Effective Glans Enlargement with the Suck N Stroke Head Pump


Though designed for stimulation, this device is a great tool for anyone interested in enlarging the head of the penis. Discover the benefits of glans enlargement with the easy-to-use Suck N Stroke Head Pump. This innovative device creates powerful suction action that targets the sensitive nerve endings around your penis head, promoting growth and sensitivity.


With each squeeze of the medical-style pump ball, the soft rubber sleeve clings to your glans and provides a gentle, effective massage. The suction action enhances blood flow and encourages tissue expansion, contributing to long-term enlargement.


How to Use:

  • Choose the appropriate ring size.
  • Slide the ring over the sleeve.
  • Fold the sleeve over the pump cylinder.
  • Enjoy a vacuum-tight seal around your glans for effective suction.


For optimal results, use plenty of lubricant for a smooth and comfortable experience.


Perfect for Beginners!

Pipedream - Fantasy Series Suck N’ Stroke Head Glans Enlargement Pump Pump

SKU: PD2103-23
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