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PE Coaching Disclaimer

Informational Purposes Only

The content of, such as text, images, graphics and other material contained on, is for informational purposes only. The content is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Sole Discretion

No liability exists or can be ascribed to JELQ2GROW in the event of an accident or injury due to improper application or understanding of the procedures and information contained in the coaching program. JELQ2GROW advises of the potential risk of all of the exercises. It is the responsibility of the consumers to decide how they advance, taking into account this information. Penis Enhancement training is a safe and healthy practice, but it can carry certain risks in case of poor execution., its members, owners, and moderators are in NO WAY responsible or liable for any of the consumers’ actions. Consumers and the consumers alone are responsible for what they decide to do with their genitals and how they exercise them. All consumers are using JELQ2GROW’s Content at their sole discretion. If you engage in the exercises listed in this program, you agree and consent to do so at your own risk.

Seek medical advice

Before beginning your exercise program, you should consult a physician. Penis enlargement is a slow and delicate process. Trying to speed up the effectiveness or speed of results by using more force or training more than recommended can have severe consequences than can result in injury. See your doctor immediately if you have symptoms of an injury related to penile exercising. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or local emergency service immediately.

We Are Not Liable For Any Other Products, Information, People or Websites is not liable for and is not related to any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, exercises or other information that may be mentioned or recommended on Nothing in our statements to the Client will be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome or result of this matter. JELQ2GROW’s makes no such promises or guarantees. JELQ2GROW's comments about the outcome of this matter are expressions of opinion only. The client acknowledges that JELQ2GROW has made no promises or guarantees about the outcome. is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

Personal information

Your submitted information is for internal use only and will not be distributed to any other parties. We will not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information regarding members to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. JELQ2GROW asks in advance every customer If they’re interested in providing their statistical and routine data submitted in their journals for the use of studies, articles, etc., to add to the body of male enhancement research in exchange for certain benefits (discount coupons, free products, etc.). Please note that none of your personal information will ever be distributed, and any identifiers that may lead to your identification (usernames, etc.) will not be released without your express permission.

Use of this website constitutes your agreement and consent to all of the above.

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