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PE experiences: Daniel's Story

At JELQ2GROW we are assisting men from all walks of life. Their reasons for doing PE vary a lot. In this post, we have the story of a young European guy we have had training with us in our community for a while. He’s our Poster Boy, Daniel! His story is a little different from most. It’s based on a particular personal desire but is entirely legitimate and we think well worth sharing. It highlights the fact that there is no “one size fits all”, neither in a guy’s motivation nor in his journey:

Hello, I’m Daniel, AKA the about-to-be poster boy for Jelq2Grow. In this blog article, I will tell you about my personal reasons for getting into PE. Many might start PE because of insecurities or to get more confident about their own bodies. However, I’m an odd case, I didn’t start with PE because of insecurities. My starting length was already above 8” before I began, which is well above average and also a bit bigger than what the average woman would prefer.

So why would I even be doing this? The answer is that I am doing this because of an odd fetish. It is my Fetish to watch girls insert extremely large objects. I love watching pornstars like Hotkinkyjo, PipayPipo, Stacey Bloom, Siswet19, StarryFawn, littlelillyfckslu, insert extremely big objects into their bodies (look up those names at your own risk). It would be my dream to get a dick as big as the dildos they’re using and then fucking a SizeQueen who would actually be able to take it.

I don’t have a particular size goal with PE unlike many other practitioners, I’d want the biggest dick in the world if I could get it, and I won’t stop until it’s bigger than my arm (which realistically won’t happen). In other words, I’ll probably never stop with this.

So I’m here in the JELQ2GROW Community. I enjoy the camaraderie and the support. The emphasis on self-care is great. I have a very logic-driven math brain - so, I like the reasoning and science behind PE. It works! I have created a video explaining the main biological mechanisms of how PE works and a brief breakdown analysing the main ingredients in the Jelq2grow health balm. You can check it out here on the J2G channel:

I look forward to updating you on my PE outcomes sometime soon.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe in your PE journey.

Cheers, Daniel.

So, there you have it. Daniel’s motivation is a bit different to most but entirely legitimate of course. It sounds like PE will be a lifelong pursuit for our Poster Boy. It doesn't matter what our starting assets are - we need to make the most of our natural assets, that's why we encourage having PE as part of YOUR life journey.

Come say Hello at JELQ2GROW and tell us why YOU want to start PE:

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