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If you're looking to enhance yourself, you've found a great new partner!

Whether you're a PE Practitioner or not: you'd be a wise man to make JELQ2GROW's Jelqing Balm a key component of your skin and sexual health arsenal. 

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Start owning your intimate health

At JELQ2GROW, we promote the practice of PE (Penis Enhancement) as a means of maintaining men's sexual health. However, unlike others, we believe that PE is about more than just getting a bigger "deal." Instead, PE is about men's health and taking care and connecting with our bodies, about confidence, self-esteem, and sexual well-being.


But... what is PE?

PE is the practice of exercising the male member for better sexual health and, if desired, to achieve particular aesthetic outcomes.


The practice consists of both manual exercises and the use of devices. These include stretchers, vacuum pumps, weights, rings, silicone sleeves, etc.


PE is just like the gym: You train through routines, follow a method, and pursue results. Thousands of men achieve results. Consistency is key.


How do I start?



We evaluate you for free

Whether it's about insecurity, traumatic experiences, or improving your self-esteem, JELQ2GROW is the place where your empowerment begins.

We evaluate your case taking into account the time and privacy you have at home to train.



You get your training routine

After evaluating your case, we give you a 100% personalized routine to achieve your goals.

Whether you plan to improve the quality of your erections, get longer, thicker, or correct a curve, we will give you a routine that fits your needs.

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Begin your growth journey

You will be in control of your own growth path, but we are here to help you, providing solutions to make your training safe and injury-free.

After all, JELQ2GROW is all about Solutions for your PE Training.

Do you feel like you hit a wall with your training?

​Feel like something is missing in your technique?

1-On-1  Coaching


Most men's issue

It's very common that men interested in PE drop out of the practice or don't even start due to lack of guidance.

Learning PE training can be difficult without the proper information.

Incorrect information can lead to poor exercise performance, resulting in injury.

The anxiety of wanting to obtain quick results can hasten the delicate growth process.


J2G's PE Coaching

Our coaches with years of experience in PE will advise you how to solve your doubts and teach you what it takes to achieve your personal goals.

Our coaching sessions seek to promote the correct practice of PE from the beginning. For that, we evaluate the journey you've been through so far. For example, we consider your routines, the technique with which you perform the exercises, and previous injuries, if any.

After evaluating your training, your coach will give you all the necessary tools and support to achieve your objectives.

What you'll get

Train with one of our coaches and:

Clarify all your questions and concerns.

Master the fundamentals of a safe and effective PE practice.

Get personalized routines to pursue your present and near-future goals.

Be followed up to make sure you're on track and keep your motivation up.

Jump to the next level and learn advanced techniques.

Private and Secure Individual Chat-Based Channel. Just you and your Coach.


Haven't you tried our Jelqing balm yet?


Get yours with FREE SHIPPING!

With 85% organic shea butter, as well as beeswax and tea tree oil, JELQ2GROW'S Jelqing Balm brings together everything you need for the health of your penis and a safe and pleasant workout.


With its anti-inflammatory properties, you will enhance the healing of tissues, giving your body the recovery it needs.


JELQ2GROW's Jelqing Balm is the perfect companion for your YOU time. Use it as part of your penile and scrotum skin's daily care or for intense PE training sessions.

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I've always been a big fan of jelqing but this was a game changer for my sessions.

Richard J.

After using my bathmate I always use my jelqing balm. It helps the recovery so much and it feels so nice!

Dave H.

Perfect for PE, I've been training for 8 years now, I wish I had stumbled upon this before.


I must admit I really neglected my skincare down there at first. Now it's something I really enjoy.


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In this video, you will learn how to perform one of the three PE fundamentals. This exercise is also part of the beginner's routine, but you can use it throughout a lifetime of PE.

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